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Casa Dei Bambini’s Toddler Classroom consists of children ages 15 months to 3 years with 3 days or 5 days program. In this classroom, children are prepared for basic social skills, language, math, and science concepts through playing and practical life activities.

The young child’s mind is more like an acute observer or scientist who is eager to learn, explore, try new things, and master new skills. But most importantly, the child recognized that the earlier we begin a program of intellectual, physical, sensory, and artistic education, the more dramatic the results, as children demonstrate they can concentrate, absorb, master new ideas and develop new skills. This is a time of tremendous brain growth in the areas of language, spatial relationships, music, art, social graces, and so much more. If, during this period, the mind is stimulated by the child’s exposure to a rich environment, the brain will literally develop a much stronger and lasting ability to learn and accomplish.

Toddler Half-Day Programs: These programs will normally run for two or three hours a day. Some will accept toddlers from thirteen months and older, although this lower age range may vary due to local regulations and the schools’ decision about how it wishes to organize the program. Generally, the low end of fifteen months is followed because by that age, most children are fairly mobile and have become very independent. Most toddler programs will begin with older children of eighteen months, or even as old as twenty-four months. This groups will commonly include children up to thirty-six months of age, at which time the child is normally ready to move into a Primary Montessori three-to-six year old environment.


Language emphasis on vocabulary building.It begins when the child enters the classroom for the first time.The phonetic reading and writing program uses sand paper letters to teach the basic phonetic sound and recognition of lower case letters. Having acquired a sound phonetic foundation, the montessori student is prepared for spelling and reading.


Math principals are acquired through indirect preparation in the sensorial area and through manipulation exercises.These materials are concrete rather than abstract,they will be touched manipulated and counted. With this the child forms a solid foundation for understanding basic concept of our number system.


Science stimulates curiosity,encourages active observation, and builds scientific vocabulary. At Casa Dei Bambini children will do simple science experiments for example color mixing,two colors mixed together to make a different color, learning about magnets, living and non-living etc. Science can be intimidating, but when children try different experiments it becomes easier to understand.


Sensorial area expands the child’s sensory perceptions and knowledge of the world. Maria Montessori called sensorial materials the “key to the universe” because they enable the child to perceive, identify and classify what he sees, touches, smells, tastes, and hears.

Practical life:

Practical life is the foundation for all areas in the montessori classroom. The exercises in this areas are concerned primarily with care of environment (i.e. polishing, taking care of plant) The child develops his small and large muscles through practical life area.

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