Parent Testimonials


Prateek Verma
September 2022

Excellent school with a very well trained group of teachers. This is our first year and we highly recommend this school to all parents.
Jessie Nguyen
September 2022

Both of my kids are going here, definitely recommend this school. They started at 17 months and from going to Casa, they have learned lots of new things, being more independent and enjoying the program! The teach are excellent. We love Ms Nasira in T2 class and Ms Nadia in P4 class.
Leong Vincent
September 2022

All my 3 Singaporean children were in Casa Dei Bambini at their early stages in school. As an eager parent, I am 100% satisfied to say that I am delighted with the attention and care the teachers have provided to each of my children. Their unwavering commitment to provide excellent and professional education for all my kids are bar none. I am grateful that I am located 5 minutes away from this great early childhood education facility which had attained many awards and accolades. For parents who are on the fence where to send their precious, look no further. Please reach out any of the admin staff and I am sure your worries would be put to rest. Our room teacher Ms. Nadia is very knowledgeable and very patient. She observes the kid’s needs and provide the best learning opportunity when she/he is ready. She has given me so many unique and useful ideas to help my daughter take in the challenging concepts within the family environment. I can’t be more thankful for having her as our teacher. The school staff are also very kind and responsive. They are very transparent during the pandemic and open to parents suggestions to keep the kids safe. Overall, I will recommend sending your kids to Casa Dei Bambini Telfair. It will be a worthy journey for your little one and your family.
Meiling H
November 2021

My daughter has been with Casa Dei Bambini since she was 3 years old. She was a very shy little girl, and for a while I worried that she can not adapt to the school environment. Yet Casa and Ms. Nadia have helped me through all the growing obstacles. Now my daughter is in kindergarten and I can totally see her starts to bloom with her little friends together, academically and socially. Our room teacher Ms. Nadia is very knowledgeable and very patient. She observes the kid’s needs and provide the best learning opportunity when she/he is ready. She has given me so many unique and useful ideas to help my daughter take in the challenging concepts within the family environment. I can’t be more thankful for having her as our teacher. The school staff are also very kind and responsive. They are very transparent during the pandemic and open to parents suggestions to keep the kids safe. Overall, I will recommend sending your kids to Casa Dei Bambini Telfair. It will be a worthy journey for your little one and your family.
Karine Schepers
August 2021

  Both our children went to Casa Dei Bambini. First Riverstone for primary to Kindergarten, then Telfair for grade 1-3. The level of the curriculum is high, the teachers follow and challenge the kids using weekly planners; they know every skill the children master, the ones they are working on, and do not move to the next skill until mastery is reached. We were there during the pandemic and the school offered fantastic online classes. When public schools were closing all the time, Casa even stayed open during the winter storms, making up the days they might have missed. The teachers and staff are caring, professional, with excellent communications skills and prompt answers to any of parents requests. Our children are now to upper elementary to another Montessori school: our children are blooming into responsible citizens and caring individuals, insatiable learners, always exploring and avid to discover more. Would absolutely recommend the school!
Oliver Wen
May 2021

  Both my kids studied at CDB. The overall experience is satisfactory. Even during pandemic, I am not too worried because the school has very strict policy and  provides safe environment for kids. My little daughter likes to go to school and makes big progress.
Varun Mittal
March 2021

I'm Radha and Suraj Mittal's dad and just wanted to share some positive feedback.

A few weeks ago I had a parent teacher conference for my daughter through zoom, and it was the first time I was actually able to attend one in 2 years because of my work schedule.

I think this is a fantastic change and I hope you will continue to offer it post pandemic. It's incredibly time efficient and allows for easier involvement by both parents.

When I spoke to a few of my friends, they thought it was a no-brainer and started contacting their schools asking them to offer the same.

Anyway, great work!
Kelly Thakkar

My kids have been enrolled at CDB telfair location from last two years. The staff and the Head (Ms Rozina ) are very friendly and accommodating to each parent. They know about each child's development and keeps parents posted on their activities. The Montessori curriculum is being followed diligently . My kids have become more independent not only in their day to day activities but also on education level. I have been very Happy with their atmosphere as well and feel at ease to leave my kids at CDB.
Dipal Upadhyay

Both my kids have been with CDB. And I can never be more greatful for all the wonderful teaching, nurturing yet disciplinary environment that was provided. Ms. Josie, Ms. Vijaya are very accommodating and very understanding with child’s and parent’s needs. Teachers not only for toddler class but also for primary class are excellent at teaching. Ms. Namrata has truly exceeded all our expectations. She has been an amazing teacher not only during in class sessions but also on Zoom sessions. For three months of Zoom class, I never felt my daughter was missing anything at all. Ms. Namrata is always very well prepared and very well planned with her lessons. She sends lots of review worksheets and extra resources. She has covered vast range of topics during these zoom sessions and we truly did not miss in person class. She definitely went extra mile to make sure kids were keeping up with all work and lessons. Truly blessed to have her. An amazing teacher in all aspect.
Neha Gupta

We absolutely love this school. Ms Shaira has been a great influence and has given our son so much love and attention. He started only a year ago but has had a tremendous learning improvement. Since March we started their online classes and our experience has been great. Ms Shaira and Ms Reenu provided us learning materials before the classes and also kept sending us extra practice lessons. The administration is also very helpful and friendly, especially Ms Vijaya. We will miss all the staff as our son transitions to public school this year.
Kanchan S

We have both children attending for a year and a half now in Toddler and Primary classes. It has been a great experience with quality teachers and staff. Since the start of the Covid shutdown, they have been offering Zoom classes which we took part in. The classes were great and teachers sent plenty of worksheets for kids to do in the zoom class with the teacher as well as for spare time. The Primary teacher was amazing and emailed us her lesson plans weekly. It was very interactive and the teacher called on each child for every activity, making sure the child understood the concept and keeping the children on their toes! I do feel my child advanced with the zoom classes and I did see improvements in math and language. The teacher also did science experiments and concepts, sang songs and some art as well. Impressed with how the school has handled these tough situations so far!
Shehzad Sidi

My daughter has been at Casa Riverstone for about 3 years. This is a great school and has a nurturing environment for toddlers. Ms. Shaira is a wonderful teacher and my daughter adores her. She is 5 years old and is reading fluently and doing addition and subtraction. I would highly recommend this school.
Farnaz K

My son has been attending CDB for 3 years now. Choosing CDB was the best decision we’ve made regarding his education and school. He’s reading books at 4.5 years and performing at a higher level, thanks to the educational environment at CDB. The school staff are all good. We’re specifically so thankful of Ms. Namrata for the care and education she provides in her class. Ms Elsa and Ms Iman were also wonderful teachers for toddlers.

Ms. Josie is a wonderful director who has your best interest at heart.
Rosalyn Nguyen

We have had two children attend Casa in Telfair and both have had a wonderful experience. Definitely recommend this school! Our older child was in Ms. Consuelo's class and enjoyed it so much that when it was time for our younger child to choose pre-K/K class, she was the natural choice with her sweet, nurturing, caring ways. The work that they brought home was much higher level than would be expected of preK/K, which we were very pleased about
Ken Lee

My son has been going to CDB at Telfair since June 2016. He started going to Ms. Nadia's class 5 months ago. Ms. Nadia has been kind, patient, and knowledgeable teacher. She possesses all the qualities to be a great teacher. My wife and I have been very pleased with our son's progress while he's in Ms. Nadia's class. To blame everything on the teacher is not fair. As parents, we have responsibilities to teach our kids to behave in class. Pointing fingers at others instead of trying to figure out what went wrong and taking corrective actions is not a good way to teach kids.
Simmi Mehta

My daughter has been going to CDB since opening day as toddler. She is now in 1st grade! Each year has been better than the last! She absolutely loves it there! Ms. Sowjanya is truly amazing!, The learning experiences are hands on, creative and challenging without being overwhelming!

I also want to give a shout out to their afterschool Young Scientists Program! My daughter loves all the hands on experiments they do, especially learning about plant and animal cells using a microscope!
Winnie Kim

My daughter attended this school 3 years ago and she was there from toddler class all the way to kindergarten. I can't say enough of good things about Ms. Josie (she was my daughter toddler teacher and now she is the director of the school) and Ms. Kim (primary teacher). Their love and passion toward the kids are unseen for. You can tell they truly care and love your kids. Because of them, we return back to CDB when it's time for my son to go to school. We didn't even bother to visit any other newly developed school around Riverstone. We wouldn't go anywhere but Ms. Kim's class.
Praveena G

My son has been going to CDB Telfair location for 2+ years, Casa provided good foundation and leanings. Teachers are great, Ms. Veena is excellent and the aftercare staff especially Ms. Abida is extraordinary.
Special mention for Ms. Rozina and Ms. Fareeda always there to resolve issues if you have any. Overall very grateful for all the efforts.
Valerie Kahrs

My two sons have attended CDB for almost 4 years. One is currently 5 years old in the Primary program, the other is 8 years old in the Lower Elementary program. I will comment on both experiences because they both started at very different levels academically but have ended up exceeding my expectations.

My 8 year old started at the primary level at the Riverstone location when he was 4 1/2. Prior to enrolling him, I had taught him at home where by age 3 he was reading Grade 1 books and skip counting (not sure how high but he could skip count by any interval ). By age 4 he had a vast knowledge of geography thanks to a combination of geography puzzles and apps. I looked at several Montessori schools in the area, but some I felt were using the Montessori name without truly executing the goals. When I visited the Riverstone location, Ms. Rozina pointed out the expectations she had for the staff and students and it was executed beautifully. The school was bright, clean and organized. The staff was respectful to students. But mostly, the students were challenged at every level while building a solid foundation across all subjects.

One thing Ms. Rozina was intent on was teaching all children cursive writing. I was apprehensive this could happen, as my son had poor fine motor skills and his print was all over the place. Miraculously within 3 months, he had basic cursive down, without pages and pages of worksheets. The Montessori method is based on building a solid foundation for learning, then building layer upon layer until the child has mastered the topic. My son's confidence grew in all levels. His teacher was excited by what he already knew, and while she did go back and cover the basics on some subjects, she continued to challenge him to achieve his greatest potential.

When the Telfair location opened, we transferred to that school where he started at Grade 1 in the Lower Elementary program. Ms. Sowjanya was wonderful with working with me to make sure we could continue my son's path to success. He had some setbacks, including an ADD diagnosis from our private physician. Ms. Sowjanya worked very closely with my son to help him overcome his focus issues. She knew how to keep him motivated and pushed him enough when he needed it. As he reaches the end of his second grade year, I am confident in his writing, math and science skills when we make the transition to public school next year (we are moving out of state this summer).

My younger son started at CDB Riverstone in the toddler program. Unlike his brother, I had not worked with him that much academically due to the exhaustion of raising two busy boys! I appreciated that the toddler program provided more than a basic daycare. Every activity the children did provided fine and gross motor skill development. The teachers set the foundation for character building, where the children learned to respect each other, their teachers and their work materials.

He started at the Primary program when we moved to Telfair when he was 3 1/2 years old. Under Ms. Consuelo's firm but fun guidance, he has far exceeded my expectations. He is finishing his second year in the primary program (technically in pre-K). I am blown away by what Ms. Consuelo was able to achieve. He went from not being able to read at the beginning of this school year to reading books at his brother's level. He has mastered addition and the full number chart. He loves writing descriptive sentences. She encourages the children's curiosity by introducing them to all aspects of science and art. He asks questions that go far beyond any 5 year old I've ever known.

I love that the school celebrates and teaches the children about every major holiday throughout the year. This exposure sets the groundwork for my children to be open, loving and kind adults. The multi-age environment encourages the older children to teach the younger children, and gives the younger children role models to interact with daily.
Jennifer Wu

My daughter attended 2 other schools within 2 1/2 years prior to CDB, where we started in Oct 2015. Though my daughter's experience at the other schools was good, and I was a believer in the curriculum and educational philosophies (FLEX Learning and Reggio Emilia) that they espoused, I never felt that their teachers and directors were truly successful in implementing their curriculum and that they never really achieved the sense of community that I think is what makes a school a successful extension of a family's education at home. There is a lengthy continuum of types of parents out there, and though we all strive to the highest goals for our children and every family has a different fit, if you know you are the most thoughtful, discerning type of parent, CDB is a great school for you and your children. After one bad conversation after another with other directors in Sugar Land, I came to CDB and was surprised by the openness and extra effort the director and staff took to answer my questions and to advocate for Montessori and the teachers at CDB. There is no defensiveness here, only eyes wide open and ears ready to listen. I don't think they think they are perfect, like some schools where the director is inclined to dismissing or schooling you rather than working with you if you have a question, concern, or comment. The director here, Ms. Rozina, is accessible and conscientious, and she is open to parents' thoughts no matter what they may be. The teachers are passionate sticklers for Montessori and are very experienced and knowledgeable. I am a professional in the area of language development and have a little to a lot of experience across all domains of development, and even I have learned some important things from my daughter's teacher that have helped to make me a better parent. She has also been great about fostering a creative sense of self, helping my daughter only when appropriate and allowing for my daughter's own discovery. The materials in Montessori are amazing and help make the lessons interesting and concrete, especially in the areas of math and language. There are events throughout the year for families to enjoy, and the school welcomes volunteers. My daughter loves this school and thanks me for enrolling her here. She is in kindergarten and is advanced for her age in reading, writing, and math, and so are many of her peers in the school. The children represent a good mix of personalities, and she has gotten good socialization through her experiences here. I have met many wonderful parents here as well, and I often feel that we are on the same page with education, which did not happen at the previous two schools for some reason. There are several activities included in the tuition...Spanish, music, art, computer, and Stretch and Grow, and the catering company the school uses offers a healthy menu with organic milk. No school is perfect, especially for critical, discerning parents, but CDB has been the "perfect" for us and is always trying to be the best it can be.

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