Montessori Method


Montessori philosophy is a unique approach to education system through a powerful combination of self-directed learning in a mixed age group setting which promotes collaboration, creativity, social responsibility towards oneself and the others. Maria Montessori’s observation led to the creation of this dynamic approach that supports children’s natural development. She believed that “The Hands are the Instruments of Man’s Intelligence” which lead to the innovation of the dynamic materials that provides endless opportunities for concrete exploration and a solid foundation for the young minds. Dr. Montessori also described the mind of the children as the “absorbent mind” between birth and six years of age. It is during this period that a child has a great capacity, without conscious effort, to understand and assimilate from the world around him. She found and investigated that children spontaneously choose work and complete with interest, they want to repeat over and over again the same movements to master it. Thus, she created an environment with areas such as Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Culture which fulfill the sensitive period of learning in children.  Montessori system enables the children to participate in their own learning experiences and the adults in the environment support the children throughout the journey.

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